​​​​JT & The Gunslingers


If you took southern rock mixed with a modern day edginess and add a dash of good ol' Midwest and a bunch of originality, then you've got JT & the Gunslingers, one of the regions  fastest growing bands. ~ Megan Kennedy, Post Bulletin

Since their debut, JT & the Gunslingers haven’t looked back.  While these musicians individually contribute in their elite playing ability, their ability to collectively contribute and create within a given song is what truly makes them a top tier group.  Together they unselfishly allow & encourage artistic creativity amongst themselves making the landscapes between notes resonate within the song itself.  That artistic creativity paired with JT’s vocals, results in a powerful and fearless tone that could cut through razor wire.

Bandleader and songwriter, former Army Ranger JT Thompson teamed up with southern Minnesota legendary guitarist Todd Owen.  Their talent pool is bolstered even more by the addition of bassist James Elliott, a proven professional with appearances on Jay Leno, David Letterman & Jimmy Kimmel. Together with percussionist Jeff Stewart, they round out a rhythm section that is on par with anyone in the industry.

“If you took Southern Rock mixed with a modern day edginess…then you’ve got JT & the Gunslingers, one of the Midwest’s fastest growing bands.”  
Megan Kennedy, Rochester MN Post Bulletin

Following the release of PASS A BEER (ep), the band has gone on to open for acts such as Charlie Daniels, Chase Bryant, Montgomery Gentry, Travis Tritt, and Little Texas.  Their first single, OUR TOWN (featuring Tim Lauer) had them performing top venues of Country Fest in Cadott, WI, South Goes North Music Festival, and Veteran’s Day Freedom Tour in Louisiana. 

JT & The Gunslingers have gone on to perform & captivate audiences, not only at major festivals, but local and cause-driven events such as #AutismSpeaks, #SaratogaWarhorse, #FirstHOOAHMN organizations exciting honkytonks across the Midwest/South/East Coast.  Their radio single MIDWESTERN GIRLS took them to the Top 30 on the Independent Country US Charts.  Their current single SHE'S EVERYTHING is playing on radio stations across Minnesota.  The band also was named a Top 100 Country Band nationally by ReverbNation, as well as Minnesota’s Top 3rd Independent artist (as of July 2018).  A follow up LP (to be recorded this winter) includes collaboration efforts with Del Gray of Little Texas in Nashville.  The phone continues to ring with opportunities on their steady rise for these stars in the making.

MANAGER:  Scott Rose  507-634-GUNS (4867)