JT & The Gunslingers

Todd Owen- Lead Guitar
Todd is known for his masterful playing of the "Doghouse" upright bass and is equally adept at manipulating twang from a Gretsch or Telecaster  his very appropriate nickname that was given to him by regional legends is "The Telemaster". He began playing guitar as a young boy emulating his father, Wayne Owen, who fronted bands while Todd was growing up. Todd was gigging regularly by the time he was 15 with his father’s band SUMMER WINDE.
Todd has also played guitar in the Minneapolis country outfit LAZY IKE AND THE DAREDEVILS as well as Rochester variety bands JAGGED EASE, NASHVEGAS and ADAM’S EVE.
In addition to NASHVEGAS, Todd fronts and plays upright bass in the retro rockabilly group HILLBILLY SWING KINGS.