JT & The Gunslingers

Jul  2nd          Harbor Bar                  8pm         Hagar City, WI

Jul  3rd           Wanamingo Firemens    8pm   Wanamingo, MN

Jul  6th          Dugarel's                        7pm       Hastings, MN

Jul  8th           Private Party                -----          Fountain, MN

Jul  9th           Uff Da Days                   8pm     Ostrander, MN

Jul 12th         The Tap House             6pm       Rochester, MN

Jul  16th      South Goes North Festival 4pm  Atwater, MN

                     (Charlie Daniels)

Jul 23rd        Private Party                  -----         Lanesboro, MN

Jul 29th        Olmsted County Fair      7pm    Rochester, MN

Jul  30th       Mac's Park Place             8pm     Mazeppa, MN

Aug 3rd        The Tap House               6pm     Rochester, MN

Aug 6th        Buffalo Bill Days             8pm     Lanesboro, MN

Aug 10th      Nicolet County Fair        6:30pm  St Peter, MN

Aug 12th      Goodhue County Fair    7pm     Zumbrota, MN

                       (Sawyer Brown)         

Aug  18th     Thursdays on First         5pm     Rochester, MN

Aug  19th      Private Party                 -----        Marion, MN

Aug  20th     Harbor Bar Country Fest 7pm  Hagar City, WI

Aug  27th     Neighbors Lounge         8pm     Cochrane, WI

Sep  4th       The Vault                          9pm    Rockland, WI

Sep  10th    Harvest Jam                      5pm    Rochester, MN

Sep  10th    Private party                    -----       Lanesboro, MN

Sep   16th   Torge's Live                      9pm     Austin, MN

Sep    24th  Miller Seed Company     7pm     Bangor, WI

Sep 30th      North Star Bar                9pm     Rochester, MN



If you took southern rock mixed with a modern day edginess and add a dash of good ol' Midwest and a bunch of originality, then you've got JT & the Gunslingers, one of the regions  fastest growing bands. ~ Megan Kennedy, Post Bulletin